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New Short, Painless Procedure for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids will affect 75 percent of us at some point during our lives. Until now, topical creams and ointments have been sought after to treat hemorrhoids, but they only temporarily provide relief. Painful and complicated procedures have been traditionally recommended to treat hemorrhoids. However, now at St. Anthony Physicians Gastroenterology, there is an effective, safe and painless procedure to remove the uncomfortable and sometimes painful problems associated with hemorrhoids.

“This in-office banding procedure is a short painless procedure to take care of internal hemorrhoids. My patients usually start feeling better after the first banding session and it really improves their quality of life. I find it a very effective and safe strategy to manage hemorrhoids,” said Tauseef Ali, MD, FACP, FACG, St. Anthony Physicians Gastroenterology.

CRH O’Regan System ® is only available to patients through specially trained and licensed medical providers. The procedure is 99 percent effective, painless and is performed in the office in less than 60 seconds. This method offers a significant advance in the rubber band ligation of hemorrhoids. Unlike other techniques that use a metal clamp to grasp the hemorrhoid during banding, the CRH O’Regan System uses a smaller device and gentle suction to minimize discomfort and complications.

The CRH O’Regan System ® is the only hemorrhoid treatment that requires no pre or post pain medication, virtually no recovery time and is covered by most insurance carriers. All physicians within St. Anthony Physicians Gastroenterology are trained and licensed to perform this in-office procedure:  Tauseef Ali, M.D., Sam Hong, M.D., Barry Perkins, M.D. and Pooja Singhal, M.D.. Their office is located at 608 NW 9th St., Suite 3206, in Oklahoma City.

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