The Pavilion


The Pavilion, located at the East/Walker Avenue entrance of St. Anthony Hospital, houses a new, advanced Emergency Department, two Intensive Care Units, and a Progressive Care Unit. The expansion of the St. Anthony Hospital Midtown campus represents the crowning achievement of the $220 million campus development plan that began 12 years ago when the hospital decided to remain in its Midtown location. The expansion allows St. Anthony to care for more patients in a state-of-the-art setting and continue the hospital’s healing ministry of exceptional patient care that began in 1898 as the first hospital in the Oklahoma Territory.

To see how our decision to stay affected Oklahoma City, watch our documentary, Digging In and Building Up.

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The Pavilion at a Glance

110,000 square feet; four patient care floors

First Floor
Emergency Room, 34 exam rooms, 2 trauma rooms

Second Floor
Progressive Care Unit, 24 new licensed inpatient beds

Third & Fourth Floors
Intensive Care Units, 48 new licensed beds

Roof Top
New helicopter landing pad, allows efficient access to the Emergency Room and Intensive Care unit on the floors directly below

Scope / Impact
72 new inpatient beds; total licensed beds for St. Anthony Hospital increases from 702 to 774

Building Connectivity
The Pavilion is connected to the northeast wing of the existing hospital to allow staff access to transfer patients as needed to other areas of the hospital for care, treatment and testing.


Emergency Room
Pavilion First Floor

St. Anthony is expanding its capacity to serve individuals needing emergency care. The main emergency room and the cardiac emergency room moved to this new location on the first floor of the Pavilion. All features have been designed with the patient experience in mind and to enhance staff and physician work flow. Highlights of the new ER include:

  • 27,000 square feet compared to 9,000 square feet in the former main ER
  • 34 exam rooms with improved room layout for patient/visitor comfort and staff efficiency
  • 2 trauma rooms
  • 2 triage rooms
  • 3 specially designed rooms for behavioral medicine assessments, providing direct staff observation into the rooms and a more comfortable, compassionate setting for patients being assessed
  • CT scanning capabilities available within the ER, facilitating faster diagnosis and enhancing patient convenience
  • Dedicated pneumatic tube system efficiently moves specimens to and from the laboratory for faster turnaround time of results
  • Indirect lighting offers soothing environment for patients and visitors
  • Separate ambulance entrance located on 10th Street
  • High end finishes and design provide an upscale experience for patients similar to St. Anthony Healthplex ERs

Progressive Care Unit
Pavilion Second Floor

Located on the second floor of the Pavilion, the new Progressive Care Unit is designed for patients with an acuity level that requires a level of care just one step down from the highest acuity level of an intensive care setting. Patients may be transferred to this unit if they are not yet ready to move to a general medical patient care unit, but no longer need intensive care. Highlights of the unit are:

  • 24 inpatient beds
  • Nurses’ workstation with integrated blinds in windows, positioned between two patient rooms, allows nurses to visually check on patients without entering the room, thus reducing noise and sleep interruption for patients
  • Larger central nurses’ stations include integrated storage areas minimize clutter
  • Rooms feature bench seating for families and large windows

Intensive Care Units
Pavilion Third and Fourth Floors

The Pavilion has two identically designed and equipped intensive care units located on the third and fourth floors.  Features of these units include:

  • 24 intensive care beds
  • Ceiling mounted lifts in every other patient room to improve safety for patients and staff
  • High end finishes to enhance a soothing and upscale healing environment and visitor experience
  • Spacious waiting areas with multiple seating areas and ample natural light from large windows

St. Anthony is pleased to open this new facility to further its healing ministry and to continue to move forward its Mission, “Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God.”  For more information about the Pavilion, call 405-272-7383.