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Alcohol and Chemical Dependency

START: St. Anthony Recovery and Treatment

If you or someone you know is suffering with an addiction, START can mean the beginning of a new life. We understand the pain and devastation substance addiction, as well as the emotional and mental illnesses that may be associated with it, can cause. But more importantly, we know how to break through those fears and defenses. We can help you pinpoint what’s really causing your problems. Then we can help you find the courage to address them—without the crutch of drugs or alcohol.

START begins with medically supervised detox (if necessary).  We can provide the necessary support for medically safe passage from alcohol and drug withdrawal. Partial Hospitalization, which is Monday through Friday, 9 am to 3 pm, Intensive Outpatient Day and Evening Programs and referral services are also available.

During recovery, your family matters. We offer family and patient group therapy on Saturdays.

When you complete START, our ongoing one evening per week alumni group sessions help you keep your new life on track, with a clear head and a bright future. Recovery can be your reality. For more information, call 405-713-5706.


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Frequently Asked Questions about START

  • What does START stand for?

    START is an acronym for St. Anthony Recovery and Treatment.

  • What services does START include?

    We tailor our services to your individual needs. Some possibilities are detoxification, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, daytime and evening programs, referral services. DOT (Department of Transportation) assessments are also available. Mental Health Admissions will help you decide what’s appropriate for your situation

  • How can I get admitted to START?

    Call 405-713-5706 and an admissions counselor will help you schedule an appointment for an assessment.

  • What happens during the assessment?

    A licensed mental health professional will take your vitals and visit with you about your use history, current withdrawal symptoms, medical history, motivation and psychosocial history. Based on your assessment, your counselor will help you decide on the treatment that’s right for you. Note: If you have any medical concerns, we may need to get you medically cleared through the emergency room before we can welcome you into the program.

  • How long does the assessment take?

    Your assessment will be scheduled for 1 hour, but it could take an additional 1 to 4 hours to complete the insurance pre-certification process, especially for out of state insurance.

  • How much does the assessment cost?

    With a scheduled appointment at our St. Anthony South Campus located at 2129 SW 59th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119, the initial assessment is absolutely free.

    Patients who visit the emergency room requesting an assessment will be seen and cleared through a medical triage as provided by the Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act.  If patients are seen by a medical professional, associated charges apply.

  • How do you determine what treatment is best?

    We use American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) guidelines.

  • How long will my treatment take?

    Your treatment will depend on your unique needs. We’ll help you decide how long you need to stay for Inpatient and Outpatient care through our continual assessment and evaluation process. We use American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) guidelines, but everyone’s program will be different.

  • What is treatment like?

    START uses a combination of many different approaches. You’ll receive help from an entire team of devoted professionals: physicians, nurses, psychiatric professionals, addiction counselors, dietitians, recreational therapists, and also may include occupational therapists and chaplains. We’ll teach you how to apply the Twelve Steps as a foundation and guideline for living. Your structured treatment will include group therapy, twelve-step meetings, educational lectures, spiritual care groups and family meetings.

  • Is the START program accredited?

    START is licensed by the state of Oklahoma, and St. Anthony Hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC).

  • Are START staff members licensed?

    All START staff members hold licenses or certifications within their professional discipline, such as MDs, RNs, and chemical dependency counselors.

  • Can I take my prescribed medications while in treatment?

    START does not allow narcotic medications. When you come for your assessment, please either bring your medication, or write down the name, dose and prescribing information for each thing you take. If you’re taking any medication prescribed by a physician that is necessary for a medical condition, START will provide what you need.

  • What are the visiting hours?

    START is entirely confidential. Although visitors may only come by your permission, scheduling is subject to your treatment schedule and your physician’s orders. Please call 405-713-5706 with any specific questions.

  • What if I have a mental health diagnosis?

    Your intake counselor will help you assess your current mental health needs, and will decide whether you’re ready to admit to START, or if we need to admit you to a mental health or medical unit first. We often work with people who are dealing with both mental health and addiction issues at the same time.

  • Will there be a phone in my room? Can I get email? Mail?

    You will not have a private phone in your room, but we have a patient phone you may use. Your phone time will be limited.  You will not have access to email, but postal mail is accepted.

  • What kind of medicine do I get for detox?

    Your physician will supervise your substance detox. They may prescribe you something to keep you comfortable and to treat your withdrawal symptoms. We do not use methadone for detoxification from opiates.

  • What is the facility like?

    START is a hospital-based treatment program in our St. Anthony South facility at 2129 SW 59th. It has a nurses’ station, counselor offices, group rooms, a day room, a dining area and patient rooms.

  • What will my days be like?

    A typical day begins at 7:30 am Breakfast is at 8:10 am, and by 9 am everyone is in a therapy group or lecture. Lunch is at noon, and the afternoons are filled with discussions, therapy sessions and sometimes a film or literature study. Depending on your treatment, visits may be available with those persons on your signed release form. Dinner time is at 5:00 pm and evenings usually include AA or NA meetings. Lights out at 11pm.

  • Will my family be involved?

    We encourage families to participate in your treatment. On Saturdays they can attend up to two family lectures if they like, as well as a family session with a therapist.

  • Can I tour the unit?

    Sorry, we cannot offer tours because of our commitment to confidentiality.

  • What can I bring to treatment?

    You should bring approximately 3 days’ worth of appropriate comfortable clothing and toiletries (alcohol free). We have laundry machines available if you need them. You may also bring books, magazines, journaling pads, pencils/pens, a blanket and a pillow.

  • Is there anything I can’t bring?

    Please do not bring any weapons, pornography, expensive jewelry, computers, cell phones, pagers, TV’s, CD players, radios, irons, fans, heating pads, heated blankets, vitamins or herbal supplements, musical instruments, perfume, cologne, revealing clothing, tobacco products, including vapes, or excessive cash.

  • Is START a locked unit?

    START is specifically designed to treat chemical dependency and therefore voluntary, but for safety reasons it is a locked unit.

  • Can I leave at any time?

    Because START is voluntary program, you could technically leave at any time. If you decide to leave before your scheduled completion date, your doctor may mark your discharge as “against medical advice” (AMA). This means that your insurance company can legally refuse to pay any claims you submit for your stay.

  • Can I leave for a court date/doctor’s appointment and come back?

    During the detoxification process, we do not allow passes. You will need to reschedule any doctor appointments and court appearances for a later date.

  • Is smoking allowed?

    No, sorry. Smoking is not allowed anywhere at St. Anthony South as it is an entirely tobacco-free campus.

  • Do you have private rooms?

    While we do have some private rooms available, these are on a first come, first served basis.

  • Do you require private insurance?

    No. You may make arrangements to pay private through our business office. However since this is a voluntary program, we must receive payment before you will be allowed to begin START.

  • Do you have a sliding scale?

    No. St. Anthony is privately owned, so we are legally required to charge for all of our services.

  • Will my insurance pay for treatment?

    It depends. Most insurance plans offer some chemical dependency benefits. You should read your benefit information, but we recommend that you actually call your plan representative directly with specific questions. We can’t determine if your insurance company will pay for your treatment until one of our counselors has completed your initial assessment. After your assessment, your counselor will contact your insurance company to ask. Your insurance company will make their decision based on the information you provide to the counselor. It should be noted that some private insurance companies require admissions be completed during business hours Monday through Friday only.

  • What do I do after treatment?

    Every case is unique, and your counselor will help you plan for what you should do after you leave. But no matter what they suggest, your follow-through with self-help is critical to your continued success. They want to help you. We will make follow up recommendations for you.

  • Do you offer aftercare services?

    Yes. We offer a continuum of care starting with detoxification to partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. After discharge, we offer an Alumni support group one night per week at no additional cost.

  • Can I force a family member in to treatment?

    No. Chemical dependency admissions are strictly on a voluntary basis.