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Saints Heart & Vascular Institute

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St. Anthony offers advanced heart and vascular services at locations in Oklahoma City and Shawnee.

St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City

In the heart of thriving Midtown Oklahoma City, St. Anthony Hospital houses the Saints Heart & Vascular Institute, located on four floors in the south wing of the main hospital building.  Our highly qualified physicians and staff at the Institute use the latest technology and treatments, always with attention to compassion and the important details that make a difference in the patient experience.

Saints Heart & Vascular Institute also hosts three cardiovascular surgery suites, four cardiac catheterization labs, and one peripheral lab. The Institute has the latest in diagnostic capabilities, treatments and special care services.

Looking for a way to determine your risk for heart disease?  Consider scheduling a customized Heart Wellness Check with one of our heart specialists by calling (405) 231.8866.  You may also schedule a heart scan. Using the latest CT technology, a cardiac scoring or heart scan, as it is often called, can determine if calcium deposits are present in coronary arteries. Detecting calcium deposits helps determine risk for heart disease early, long before symptoms appear. The scan is $88, and may be scheduled in Oklahoma City at several convenient locations.  Take action today, and schedule your exam online or call (405) 272.6688.


Finding conditions earlier means more timely intervention, should that be necessary, and often means better outcomes. The Saints Heart & Vascular Institute offers numerous diagnostic capabilities including:

  • Heart Station Diagnostic Center
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • CT Scanning
  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab (4)

Treatments Offered

Saints Heart & Vascular Institute offers the following treatments to meet the needs of our cardiac patients.

  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Balloon Angioplasty
  • Rotoblation
  • Coronary Stent Placement
  • Thrombolytic Therapy

Special Services

  • Anticoagulation Therapy Clinic
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Valve Clinic
  • Valve Replacement Surgery

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St. Anthony Shawnee Hospital in Shawnee

The Saints Heart & Vascular Institute also offers services at St. Anthony Shawnee Hospital. The Heart Cath Lab Department in Shawnee is a full service facility which offers diagnostic and limited interventional capabilities utilizing state-of-the-art imaging equipment and a highly experienced physicians and staff.

With the exception of pediatrics, St. Anthony Shawnee Hospital’s Heart Cath Lab serves inpatients and outpatients of all age groups. The Heart Cath Lab utilizes radiation and contrast media to visualize and identify lesions and/or blockages in the main arteries and veins in the body. The Heart Cath Lab provides limited interventional services to include percutaneous angioplasty and stent placement of peripheral vessels (i.e. iliac, superficial femoral, renals, etc.), and insertion of intra-aortic balloons. Additionally, the Heart Cath Lab performs various other procedures; such as, insertion of permanent pacemakers, renal arteriography, percutaneous nephrostomies, cardioversions, etc.​

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  1. St. Anthony Hospital
    1000 N. Lee Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73102
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  2. St. Anthony Shawnee Hospital
    1102 W. MacArthur Shawnee, OK 74804
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