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  • It has been one year or more since my last appointment.

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St. Anthony Affiliate Health Network

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St. Anthony believes that health care is best delivered locally.  That’s why we have partnered to creative the St. Anthony Affiliate Health Network to work closely with hospitals in communities across Oklahoma to keep as much care close to home. For patients, this means easier access to St. Anthony specialists without the worry of time and expense of travel to Oklahoma City.  From specialty outreach clinics in communities to telehealth services, we are pleased to work with 17 rural affiliate hospitals.

Tier 1 Affiliate Hospitals:

Regional Affiliate Hospitals:

  • Fairview Regional Medical Center
  • Harper County Community Hospital
  • Okeene Municipal Hospital
  • Cordell Municipal Hospital

Affiliate Hospitals:

  • Beaver County Hospital
  • Elkview General Hospital
  • Great Plains Regional Medical Center
  • Quartz Mountain Medical Center
  • Seiling Community Hospital
  • Stillwater Medical Center




  1. Holdenville General Hospital
    100 McDougal Dr., Holdenville, OK
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  2. Newman Memorial Hospital
    905 South Main, Shattuck, OK
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  3. Purcell Municipal Hospital
    1500 N. Green Ave., Purcell, OK
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  4. Share Medical Center
    800 Share Drive, Alva, OK
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  5. St. Mary's Regional Medical Center
    305 S. 5th, Enid, OK
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  6. Weatherford Regional Hospital
    3701 E. Main St., Weatherford, OK
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  7. Fairview Regional Medical Center
    523 E. State Road, Fairview, OK
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  8. Southwestern Medical Center
    5602 SW Lee Blvd, Lawton, OK 73505
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  9. Okeene Municipal Hospital
    207 E F St, Okeene, OK
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  10. Cordell Municipal Hospital
    1220 N. Glenn English St. Cordell, OK
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  11. Beaver County Hospital
    212 E 8th St, Beaver, OK
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  12. Elkview General Hospital
    429 W. Elm St. Hobart, OK
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  13. Great Plains Regional Medical Center
    1801 W. 3rd St, Elk City, OK
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  14. Harper County Community Hospital
    PO Box 60, Buffalo, OK
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  15. Quartz Mountain Medical Center
    One Wickersham Drive, Mangum, OK 73554
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  16. Stillwater Medical Center
    1323 W 6th Ave, Stillwater, OK 74074
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