St. Anthony Hospital opens new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

On Wednesday, November 1, St. Anthony Hospital celebrated the completion of its latest construction project to advance its exceptional care, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) on the third floor of its Midtown campus. The $1.4 million NICU is designed to care for ill and premature newborn infants.

The St. Anthony NICU has the capacity to care for 15 neonatal patients and is a locked unit equipped with state of the art infant security features. Staffed by OU Physicians Neonatologists, the level II NICU will provide a nurturing environment, allowing the babies to eat, sleep and grow safely and comfortably.

Understanding the essential role parents play in the development of their newborn, the new unit  features a family-centered care environment.  Within the NICU’s spacious rooms, ample accommodations are provided for parents in support of overnight stays. Families are encouraged to be fully involved in the care of their newborn.

“We are opening the St. Anthony NICU to provide peace of mind to new parents. By opening this unit, it will reduce the number of babies who need to transfer to another hospital. Patients will receive a continuity of care from admission to discharge,” said St. Anthony Hospital President Tammy Powell.

The St. Anthony Foundation contributed $50,000 towards the family-centered care furnishings for the new unit. Miller Architects designed the unit with Waldrop Construction as the general contractor.


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